Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An interfaith space

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Two years ago the Spirituality Centre at the Geelong Hospital was opened but I didn't attend as I had flu or something at the time. Yesterday I visited this interesting space and took a few photos e.g. the glasswork by the local Wathaurong Aboriginal artists. For a couple of years I was part of an Interfaith group - until it went into recess - so this kind of place seems to me to be welcoming and inclusive. There are alcoves for the sacred texts of various religions including Bahai, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu and for the Christian representation there is 'The Message' which is a very readable paraphrase of the Bible. When I was there, a patient in a wheelchair was writing and another woman was praying. It's a very calm kind of space when compared with the technology and busy-ness of the rest of the hospital.



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