Friday, August 13, 2010

Dreamers and big talkers

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Here's one item from today's Addie and it just shows what 'experts' say about Geelong. They want more and more retail? More city buildings? NO. Geelong's attraction is its location beside Corio Bay, with access to world-class beaches not far away, and not far from magnificent forests. Excellent facilities of course such as good hospitals, libraries, art galleies. Forget shopping till you drop! One thing they do get right in the article is that Geelong is an education hub because that is what Geelong does well with Deakin University, Gordon TAFE and good schools.

City vision applauded

Danny Lannen | August 14th, 2010

PLANS for revitalising central Geelong need to focus on connections before iconic structures, according to the man overseeing development of Sydney's waterfront.

Mr Tabart was chief executive of VicUrban and responsible for development of Melbourne's Docklands.

He is now chief executive of Sydney's Barangaroo Delivery Authority, overseeing the $6 billion development of 1.5km of waterfront between Darling Harbour and Walsh Bay.

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"To me Geelong is a great regional city of Australia and has all the characteristics which allow it to become much greater," Mr Tabart said.

"It's got all the right reasons, and this can only be successful if pursued by intelligent, motivated people and Geelong has never had a shortage of motivated people."

He believes one of the city's biggest assets is its place as an education hub.

"Education is one of the best activators of space, students moving to and from education create a lot of street activity," Mr Tabart said. "The next step in the process of building a great place is to connect the spaces and places.

"Connecting the railways station and the bus interchange with retail, connecting with the waterfront, connecting with education areas, by streets and lanes and arcades."

Mr Tabart said once the groundwork was right, leaders could work with the people of the city and key drivers on the wow factor architecture and iconic structures.

Committee for Geelong and Deakin University have pledged to mobilise Vision II for Geelong, hoping to excite people's imaginations.

Geelong Professional Alliance Network hopes to be part of the process after having nurtured plans to build an icon for Geelong.

"We've been working on an icon for Geelong for some time now," chairman Andrew Senia said. "This was started off by us thinking let's look at Geelong, let's look at its history from colony to wool centre to manufacturing base to industry. What it's lacking at the moment is a spirit, a soul, something to identify the town from the sea, air and road, something iconic."

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