Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lost and found paintings

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Because we had to tidy up one room and move out many pandanus mats from the top of a cupboard, we found a large folder full of my old paintings on paper and cardboard. I had thought they were lost in a small fire in the garden shed several years ago. Eureka! Some were actually of the aftermath of the Ash Wednesday fires in the Anglesea area the time Peceli was chaplain to the scouts and we had to drive down to their campsite at Eumerella to see the damage. Then three months later we went back to places like Angahook Forest and saw the renewal. I took a photo of a large picture I made of the new leaves on a tree then made some variations using technology which certainly wasn't around in the 80s. It's been a good day, Peceli looking so much better, driving the car cautiously around the local suburb to do minimal shopping and visitors coming with gifts of fish, cassava, heart-diet cake, and kindness of course.

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