Thursday, July 08, 2010

Fyansford with colour

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I added colour using some feltpens and coloured pencil to the picture I made of the view from the lookout at Fyansford. Because the picture is A3 in size I had to put two pictures together and there's a slight discrepancy in meeting at the middle!

It's been a muddled day - the hot water service went out yesterday because the pilot light kept going off immediately after lighting it. Four men couldn't get it going so it's a plumber's job tomorrow it seems. Meanwhile we bath down at the bottom of the backyard using one of the showers there. We have these extra showers which came from a friend's caravan park and they're useful when we have many visitors. The hot water though is from a bas bottle so can be used up quickly. Today also was time for a decent tidy up in the house as we have invited people for Saturday morning tea, and in the afternoon kava and an evening together. It's a family memorial day - ten years since we lost our second son in an accident in Fiji. I'll post a few pictures of his life on Saturday.

A neighbour has just called in with a piece of fresh fish. He'd caught a 60 kilogram tuna he said. Wow! Then he added, you should have seen the other one. It was 120 kilograms! We have good neighbours indeed.

(added - Friday morning) The plumber came at 8 a.m. for five minutes work, replacing one part. Cost @120. Young men and women ought to take up the trades, not the liberal arts at uni! Some more pics here, one blobby. Now I see that the bridge is strange, has no supporting arch or legs to stand on!
(Later - Friday evening) During dinner at the Barwon Valley Golf club, we were talking with one of Peceli's golf friends and he was telling us about being the son of a school teacher, including the time at the Fyansford Primary School during the 50s. So I asked him about the 90 plus wooden steps. He said they were for the school kids who lived down below the hill or even across the Moorabool River near Buckley's Falls. Instead of the road with the quarry trucks the short cut to the school was up and down the steps to the field near the old stone school. So it's not for tourists after all! And the building I thought was a church was actually a primary school.

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