Sunday, June 20, 2010

Three poets in Geelong

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Yesterday the Geelong Writers hosted a visit of three women who write very exciting and thoughful poetry; Patricia Sykes, Diane Fahey and Jordie Albiston, all quite different with the focus on healing, family connection or disconnect, the environment, myths, legends, identity and the land, strange true tales. They read from their work then later answered questions from the audience. The Geelong Writers group meets in various locations and yesterday we were at the Shearer's Arms Art Gallery studio so the room was backgrounded with paintings, easels and tables covered in paint!

A sam;ple of their writing: Diane Fahey wrote about Narcissus in her poem 'But First...' and here is one verse.
Support me in those healing waters,
plummet me one depth more than I can bear,
give me aspiration, give me tranquillity;
give me the nerve to fail, the curiosity
to go on nd on and on.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi you might be interested in australias leading erotic poet colin leslie dean -from geelong
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