Thursday, June 24, 2010

Drawing of rocks, reeds, water

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Yesterday there were a few hours of sunshine and Peceli got out into the garden and potted and planted about twenty large leafy plants. Then he suggested we go out sketching and have lunch somewhere - Balyang Sanctuary, Ocean Grove, Buckleys Falls (probably no water) and I said, well there are rocks and water at Barwon Edge, a newly discovered eating place/receptions. So we walked around the pond, sketched, and then had huge scones, jam and cream with cappucino. Here are some results.
I am constantly surprised by the different shapes, colours, patterns in nature, and also surprised by the way technology can change a simple drawing A3 in size made with an ordinary blue biro, and later with a black biro. How technology even adds colour when I use Photo-edit reverse colours and so on. Okay, all this messing about keeps me away from housework. With Peceli now home, it has been a lovely but busy week including some meetings - Rotary, Diversitat and church tasks.

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