Friday, June 18, 2010

No longer a Zen Garden

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Again and again there are images in the papers of the Bay of Mexico and the terrible enviromental damage which does seem to be a metaphor for our times. Perhaps I am a soft sookie greenie/leftie after all, despite my Dad being asked, at one time, to stand for the Mallee seat of the Liberal/Country Party.

When reading the Age A2 section of the newspaper today, two writers seem to be connecting – one is Robert Drew who writes 9referring to a book by Wells(:…the ethical questions raised by Wells strike a familiar chord: power and technology outstripping moral control, with disastrous consequences…

Then Michael Leunig writes, when thinking about Gaza : A prolonged darkening injustice that is massive and obvious reaches a stage where the collective psyche begins to buckle –as if natural forces beyond human reckoning are coming into play… It becomes a type of environmental catastrophe… a moral fault line that has to slip. In the meantime, morbidity, cynicism and mistrust seep insidiously into the ecosystem of normal human affairs and the words of US president John E. Kennedy are recalled,’…the fruits of victory will be like ashes in our mouths’

If only God’s rumoured justice and mercy would come and sort it all out peacefully –and perhaps label things more clearly.

Not satisfied, ever, I'm moved away from the simplicity of Zen to a fantastic garden,a fantasy, maybe I need to put in some fairies at the bottom of this garden. Just made in a few seconds by overlapping quite different digital images. Click on a picture to see it larger if you wish.

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