Thursday, May 20, 2010

The neighbourhood

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A member of the family was searching in Google Earth so I had a look to see what 'they' can see from space of our little neck of the woods. The view must have been taken three years ago as the little wooden house next door is still there, not the three new houses. In the foreground however the view shows just how four new units have completely filled that block. People sometimes say to us to pull down our house and built four units, but hey, with what money, and where do we go! Anyway it's an interesting view of parts of Geelong. I've included pictures of our compound, (palm tree, brown roof), the nearby salt flats, our church back of the corner of Boundary/Ormond Rds, our old house where we lived for nine years next to the Shenton church, and a view of the entrance to the Botanical Gardens and Eastern Beach.



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