Sunday, May 16, 2010

from a garage sale

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Yesterday morning we had a Garage Sale at the side of our house - in aid of a trip to Fiji for a marriage of my namesake, Wendy Junior. We advertised in the local newspaper and also had a large sign and balloons out the front. It's a good site for a casual sale as we are on a main road. Many people came, and picked at this and that, especially books and records, but most spent little. It was an insructive morning about human nature, especially the tendency for many people to get as much as they could for as little as they could give. And yet other people were generous, giving donations without receiving. I took half a dozen photos of my helper friends who assisted and only one of objects - beads and a garland, etc. Here are some of my musings through digital image from one photo. (By the way we made enough for a plane ticket to Fiji and back!)

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