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Not tonight Serafina

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I laughed at this story from the Fiji journalist, Serafina. I can't believe that women are being told this in the year 2010. Sounds more like John Howard's lovely 1950s where the women were told to have the children bathed, herself prettied up, for the tired man to come home to after his hard day at work! I didn't put it on the babasiga blog as it's not quite respectable, but here goes:
from today's Fiji Times
Bedroom roles vital, wives told
Serafina Silaitoga
Saturday, May 08, 2010

ONE of the common factors contributing to a broken marriage is the lack of time spent in the bedroom by the husband and wife, the United Pentecostal Church Women and Daughters national conference heard.

Nadi senior pastor's wife Pauline Cama said that for the first time in their church women's conference, women were reminded of their roles in the bedroom. "Working women come home and have their own house chores to attend to and by the end of the night, she is tired after cleaning up after dinner," she said. "That is understandable. But they must realise that they also play a role in the bedroom to their husbands as wives and that is very important because we were made to fulfil our husband's needs and complement them."

Mrs Cama stressed to the women attending the conference held at Savusavu this week that God made Eve for this purpose to fulfil Adam's needs as a man and the role of women had not changed since the time of creation. She said when couples spent less valuable time together and sharing their feelings, they began to drift apart.

"It actually happens and that is why men start looking elsewhere for satisfaction because we, as wives, get so tired by the end of the night and just sleep it off while they wait for us to fulfil their needs and it never happens," Mrs Cama said. "So it is important for wives and husbands to supplement each other's needs. Today we are talking to women who are here and reminding them of their roles because it is a women's conference."

The conference which ends today was attended by more then 1000 women of the church who travelled from all over Fiji.
Ah, Serafina, are you being serious?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Fiji Times letters to the editor this week have included several responses to this article, all opposed to the way women were expected to behave, according to the speaker at the conference. The letters weren't just from feminists but some were written by men.

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