Friday, May 07, 2010

Mothers Day

from w,
We think of Mothers' Day this weekend and the cards in the shops are mostly about softness, pretty colours, sentiment, but I don't think mothering is just about that. Like a tigress, a mother is strong and protective as she nurtures her young, fiercely protective in fact, and sometimes does it all alone, the male tiger long gone. So let us think of the variety of mothering for this special day, some women adopt children, some are carers in an orphanage, some are grandmothers when the young mother is absent. It's the most beautiful task in the world to be a mother, but it can be tiring, hard work, heart-breaking, exacting, and thankless. A prayer for the mothers to keep strong.

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Blogger annie said...

This is such a fitting post and image for Mother's Day. I forwarded your post to many mothers that I love and they really appreciated it. I especially like your "prayer for the mothers to keep strong."

5:44 AM  

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