Sunday, April 18, 2010

While I was listening

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On Saturday I attended three out of five concerts in the local festival of music in churches - fabulous music but hard wooden seats at two venues. Two art exhibitions were concurrent in St Mary's Basilica also - colourful joyful paintings by Veronika Dimac and floral arrangements by Ron Eichler. (photos above of artists with a sample of their work.)

During the first concert (as I can't keep still and attentive) I did small sketches in an A5 notebook at the same time immersed in the strong passionate music on the pipe organ by Rhys Boag with a trumpet player, Bruno Siketa. Many items were from this century and earlier - mainly Baroque, though I liked the modern ones best. Though I have some hesitations about the pipe organ as an accompaniment to congregational singing when there is only a small group of singers, in a concert situation the music is stunning. Rhys Boag is the organist/music leader at St Michael's Melbourne (but I don't hold that against him just because the preacher-man, Rev Francis McNab, there has become new-age.).

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