Tuesday, April 06, 2010

What would you do?

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A story in the papers this week involved the sale of a suitcase at an opportunity shop and in the lining was about $100,000. If you were the person who bought it for a few dollars, found the money, what would you do? Go back to the Salvation Army shop to give the money back, or quietly keep the money, pay off your debts and have a good holiday and so on. A poll showed 50% each way. What would you do? Also, now that the money has been found should it be shared between a.(original owner) b. Salvation Army Op-shop, or c. (buyer)?

Here's the story:
$100,000 left stashed inside Salvation Army store suitcase MEGAN LEVY
April 6, 2010 - 5:59PM
Police have charged a couple with "theft by finding" after they forked out a few dollars for a second-hand suitcase at a Melbourne Salvation Army Store that had up to $100,000 hidden in its lining.

The suitcase was donated to the Salvos in Beaconsfield by a woman who did not know her husband had hidden the cash in the bag's lining. The distraught man contacted the Salvation Army last Tuesday in a bid to retrieve the suitcase but it had already been sold, Salvation Army spokesman Major Brad Halse said. "He said his family had cleaned out a room and donated some goods. One of the items was a suitcase with a very significant amount of money in it," Major Halse said. "I guess sometimes people store things of value in unusual places." He said he could not reveal the exact amount of cash, other than to say it was in the "tens of thousands of dollars".

A review of records showed the suitcase had been sold to a person using an EFTPOS card. But privacy laws prevented the bank from passing on the purchaser's contact details, Major Halse said.

Late this afternoon, Victoria Police revealed they had charged a man, 44, and a woman, 34 and that they had recovered most of the money,which had been put in different bank accounts.
- with AAP

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