Friday, April 16, 2010

At an art show

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The Grovedale Rotary Art Show was on this evening and as usual I did my share of taking food and Peceli had spent time helping cart display boards and so on. It was a crowded venue which is good because the club was fundraising for the daily free breakfasts and some dinners given to poor and needy people at Christ Church (Anglican) in the city. Here are a few photos we took, put together quickly.

To me the most important moments were not looking at the art, listening to a speaker, eating fine finger food but the one-to-one conversations when meeting with friends I don't see often, or with strangers. Strong stories can be shared in a few minutes. I'm not comfortable in cocktail kind of gatherings with the noise, the standing around trying to hold a drink, snack food, a bag and camera all at once! Out on the cool of the verandah I enjoyed speaking with one or two people at a time. Of course an opener in a conversation at times was 'What do you think of the winner of the Wynne?'

The photo I think is the best is this one of one of the clients of the breakfasts at Christ Church who had come along to see the paintings.

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