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Smorgies in Geelong closing down

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In the Addie this week was a news item that the popular Smorgies Restaurant on Cunningham Pier is closing down this weekend for an upgrade to a large upmarket place whick no doubt will be more expensive and no longer kid-friendly. It will nsurely not be the kind of place for families and kids nor for those who want to eat as much as they can for their $18 or so. The entertainment area with King Neptune and a singing seal with sound and light ended some time ago anyway. The food was great for Pacific Islander rugby teams as it was plate after plate after plate. We used to go there sometimes when friends came down to Geelong. Some people though reckoned the food wasn't high class and the pier looked like Coney Island. Okay, it has a wonderful view of Corio Bay and also the wide array of food suited people who could pick and choose - roasts, salads, Chinese, and so on.
from Geelong Advertiser:
Pier into the future
Kyle Pollard
April 7th, 2010 BOLD VISION: Business partners Cameron Ling and Darren Holroyd outside their new project the former Smorgy's site on Geelong's waterfront. Photo: BRAD WILSON
CUNNINGHAM Pier's iconic Smorgy's restaurant will close its doors for good next week as it undergoes a high-class facelift. In a joint redevelopment between Geelong hotelier Darren Holroyd and Geelong Edge partners, Dominic Tripoli and Geelong Cats captain Cameron Ling, the restaurant will be transformed into a hospitality hub.

The precinct will include an event space that will accommodate up to 800 people, a fine-dining restaurant, a boutique bar and a private meeting room and cafe.

Mr Holroyd said the event space, to be known as The Pier Geelong, will be the official entertainment venue for the UCI Road Cycling World Championships in October this year. It means we will have a really tight time frame to get things done," Mr Holroyd said.

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"Hopefully, we will open in September just before the championships start."

The restaurant, bar and cafe will all have different names, which have yet to be decided. Ling said the entire redevelopment would focus on making the venue a classy option for Geelong diners. "The emphasis is on quality, with a quality experience, quality food and a quality setting," he said. "There's not too many other places in the world like Cunningham Pier and we want it to be a Geelong landmark."

Renowned chef Matt Dempsey will be executive chef of the restaurant, after winning the 2009 Appetite for Excellence Young Chef of the Year Award.

Mr Holroyd said he was excited to have the opportunity to develop the landmark. "It really is a beacon of Geelong," Mr Holroyd said."To have a north-facing pier with 360 degree views is a great opportunity for us."

Smorgy's was first opened in the early 90s as an all-you-can-eat buffet with an underwater theme.

Concept plans for the interior of the new development are expected to be released within the next two months.

Latest Comments:
What would be good is a "penny arcade" type entertainment for families. There is enough restaurants and bars for the big kids, there is a skate park for the in-between kids, and a merry-go-round for little kids. Something that is family orientated is what's needed.

Posted by: Fun times of Geelong 5:21pm Thursday
.Sorry guys but we do not need this.The other was catering to what was wanted in terms of cost.Too many restaurants in Geelong anyway.Many fo them are too expensive.I think it will fail.

Posted by: David of Carlton 3:30pm Thursday
.I posted comments on an earlier news article, and i STILL think the idea Sux.Smorgys was great. If Lingey was really Geelong orientated he would see the pier should be meant for the PUBLIC.Cameron, Did You ever go fishing there with friends or family?Obviously not or this would not be happening.Go Cats, Go Smorgys, Boo Geelong

Posted by: Stuart C Johnson of Geelong 9:58pm Wednesday
.I thought the pier was a place for the general public, a place for the people of Geelong, not a place for the wealthy only. This should never be allowed. C of GG, you are a disgrace to the people who pay your salary.

Posted by: U R Selfish of Geelong 4:13pm Wednesday
.will there be adequate facilities to accomodate families and prices to suit ?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Smorgies has always been a waist of space and since they built it, I stopped going to the pier. Looking forward to seeing the new project completed. We actually need more good restaurants and bars on the water.

11:32 PM  
Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

'A waist of space' some do say that. Sixty per cent of Australians are overweight, partly from lack of exercise but also because they consume 'as much as they can'. Perhaps you are right, but it was fun while it lasted.

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope fishing is still allowed on the pier , ive been fishin there since i was a kid. ):

4:58 AM  

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