Monday, March 22, 2010

Smorgies and Skatepark

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From the photos I took on Saturday evening when we went down to the Geelong waterfront to see the presentation by Youth with a Mission which included some Fijian young people (see babasiga blog), I've experimented with the colours, composition by cropping, and altering. Maybe they are the kind of pics that suit newspaper or magazine stories, but not artwork. Anyway, gets me outa housework! I'm busy though at present editing a manuscript for a friend, sorting books at Donation in Kind and as usual eating with friends and strangers and we call this 'kana' ministry, 'kana' meaning 'food'. Just conversation one to one or in small groups. I really don't do well in large crowds especially trying to talk when it's noisy.

Click on any picture to see enlarged.

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