Monday, June 01, 2009

Hini flu in the news

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The Australian media is certainly making great mileage with the spreading of the Hini flu in Australia with some schools closed etc. Only 300 sick in Victoria so far, mainly children. The symptoms are mild but people who are prone to asthma and pneumonia are vulnerable. Of course it's sensible to take more care with hygiene these days, it a great super over-reaction? More people are sick with AIDs, smoking related illnesses, etc. than Hini. There's talk about catching it at events with large crowds such as football and rugby. Should all people in a crowd of 50,000 wear msks? Should players wear masks? I'd like to see that!



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In Fiji there was a panic in labasa hospital when two people, just returned from New Zealand, scared everyone as they walked the corridor. The test results were negative of the Hini, but people have been misinformed about this flu as it seems to be not much more than a common cold in symptoms. Okay, take care but do not be terrified.

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