Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Geelong poets in the library

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I didn't go to the Neighbourhood Watch meeting last night. I really want to pull out of being the editor for the local area newsletter as I'm not really into locks and keys and the kind of articles they want printed. I was asked to help out when their old editor left so I did it for several months. But when we wanted to be pro-active and give citizenship awards to teenagers (instead of complaining about their behaviour) we were told, the schools are outside out allocated streets.

Anyway instead, I went to the Newcomb library where ten local poets were reading after several workshops they participated in. It was a nice evening as I knew nearly all of them from my association wtih Geelong Writers. But why don't they learn to speak up louder! I could hardly hear half of them. Maybe I AM going deaf. Anyway here are two pictures from last night. The poems were thoughful, many sad and touching and some lovely descriptive poems of places nearby. Reading on the page is different from performance and we need both to engage with the text.

Click on pictures to see larger.

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