Friday, May 22, 2009

Dedman street - looking up

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Needing to get some exercise this afternoon - after the fog lifted - and do some sketching at the same time, I took a stroll up Dedman street, opposite our house, and decided to look up, and see the shapes of rooftops and chimneys. Somehow Mary Poppins and a song was in my head. So a made four little biro sketches. I want to make a couple of collages using mainly grey, white, blue and black for chimneys and antennas, and perhaps pop in Mary as well. A kid's picture. So far I'm just looking at rooftop shapes. Actually the houses in Dedman Street seem to be too modern for my purpose and I need to go into a suburb which has houses that are 100 or more years old with lots of chimney pots!

Click on the composite picture at top to see enlarged. Actually the original sketches were A4 size each.

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Blogger Penny said...

Love roof lines and chimney pots.

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