Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Recovery after the bushfires

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There is a season they say for everything, a rhythm of give and take, of troubles and of joys. The bushfires in Victoria several months ago were certainly tragic with many lives lost as people who chose to live in the bush could not escape this terrible fire. But now, the landscape is no longer grey ash and blackened trees but there is a greening as ferns emerge, grass trees, flowers spring up and there are leaves on the trunks of burnt trees. I found these lovely photos in the Royalauto magazine that came yesterday - Lee Mylne wrote an article 'Back in business' urging people to go back to the fire-devastated areas, see the new growth and support the little shops and restaurants. Royalauto is an excellent magazine, though I always skip over the car pages. The photos I 'borrowed' are from Parks Victoria.

Ever since the Ash Wednesday fires in the Geelong region many years ago, I have thought of the recovery after bushfire with the greening and new leaves as a symbol of hope and also of the resurrection. I'll put this post on both our blogs as we have different readership. Okay?

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Blogger annie said...

Beautiful illustrations of hope and renewal following crises.

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