Sunday, May 17, 2009

Framing pictures

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Peceli has taken over the task of framing some of my small and medium size sketches/paintings/pastel drawings. I had promised to give away two pictures for a fundraising auction to be held next Satuday night - for East Timor projects I think - so that's why we need to get on with framing. Someone will pick them up this afternoon. Not expensive frames though and the subjects of the pictures are of local scenes, not abstract, but accessible to the kind of people who will bid. Probably of the Waterfront or Botanical Gardens. It will be embarrassing of course if no -one wants them at all!

Meanwhile I've had to go through my sketches to choose half a dozen to frame after scanning them for my own archives. One that I thought was successful is of a garden shop of sculptures and brooms, etc. I've posted it here plus some variations which are just on computer file, not real!

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Blogger revkjarla said...

I would definitely bid on them if I were there!

8:31 AM  

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