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Don't panic if you miss the Geelong turnoff!

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Driving back from Melbourne today on the freeway we decided to check out the partially completed Geelong Ring Road as we neared the suburb of Corio. One of our friends told us he missed the left-lane Geelong turnoff and headed for Ballarat and Hamilton instead on the new ring road (not completed and badly signed as it should have read 'partially completed ring road,) Expecting to see the Ford factory etc. and clusters of buildings into Geelong, our un-named friend found himself in open country, rolling hills and brand new bridges and on a super super highway! His wife just wondered - where was Geelong? Like Brigadoon, gone into the mist! Eventually the driver found his way back into Geelong.

Well, don't panic folks if this happens. The right lane at the split in the Corio area leads to this magnificant $500 million road, at least six bridges, pretty sound walls, and great scenery. However, you can find your way into Geelong somehow even if you've taken the wrong way. There are some left lane turnoffs e.g. to the Bacchus Marsh Road into Corio, another one further on, then the Ballarat Road into Geelong West, and the Hamilton Highway turnoff which comes to an abrupt halt (unfinished road ahead) and you must turn left into the road just above Fyansford and the old cement factory and then into Newtown.

It's well worth a look though but there were few cars today because the ring road so far doesn't get to the linkup with the road to Torquay, Anglesea, Lorne etc. The new road will be useful for people in villages such as Lethbridge and Bannockburn who have to drive to Melbourne for work. And when it's finished holiday folk and trucks will not go through the city of Geelong unless they really want to!

The pictures are from Geelong Advertiser files - Pam Hutchinson and Glenn Ferguson, Slattsnews website, and the map I can't remember where!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I recently drove along the new Geelong Bypass also and was really impressed with the quality of the sound wall design etc.

Do you know of any more images of this bit of freeway floating around on the net?


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