Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Garden pots of succulants

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It is too darn hot to go outside today, (going to be about 41 degrees they say and this week a four day heat-wave expects to break all records since 1908!) except I have a women's planning meeting in the afternoon and Peceli is waiting for a car mechanic to come and replace the gearbox. So I messed around with a small painting of succulants and Picasa did the rest. I wanted to get a kind of lead-light effect by outlining with a blue pen. Now I will go back to my book by Levy 'Small Island'.

I suppose I'm attracted to a very old-fashioned style called Art Nouveau which was mainly 1880 to 1900 so it is old! Curved lines, flat surfaces. Like Beardsly and Klimp. This is a bit from wikiledia about it:
Because of typical flat, decorative patterns used in all art forms, Art Nouveau obtained a nickname 'the noodle style' in French, 'Le style nouilles'. Visual standards of the Art Nouveau style are flat, decorative patterns, intertwined organic forms of stems or flowers. Art Nouveau emphasized handcrafting as opposed to machine manufacturing, the use of new materials. Although curving lines characterize Art Nouveau, right-angled forms are also typical, especially as the style was practiced in Scotland and in Austria. Typical for this style was artistic application of modern industrial techniques and modern materials (unmasked iron in architecture for example). Principal subjects are lavish birds and flowers, insects and polyformic femme fatale. Abstract lines and shapes are used widely as a filling for recognizable subject matter. Purposeful elimination of three-dimensions is often applied through reduced shading. Art Nouveau artifacts are beautiful objects of art, but not necessarily very functional.

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