Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The journey, not the destination

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It's the process of taking that pen to paper, manipulating colour and shape that is fun, not whether the final results are okay or not. Okay with that? I started with a photograph I found online, took it to Picasa, toned out the colour and printed on pink paper. Then used that picture to change using a black pen, scanned the result then took it to Photo-edit to try and look at variations. Okay, the original photograph is the best, but my 'journey' meant I could get out of two hours of housework! As to the subject, well we used to have many sprouting coconuts in the compound when we lived beside the sea at Nukutatava.

Now I had better get organised to go to a book launch - a Seniors Writing competition where everyone gets published. I gave them a dark anti-war poem.

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Blogger andrea said...

I like the top pink one and the one in negative best. So fresh looking!

2:02 PM  

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