Thursday, March 27, 2008

An obsession with shoes

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I can't understand why people buy so many pairs of shoes, I really can't! Though for the moment I do have an obsession with drawing shoes! One sketch here and variations. I decided the background was too dark so added some white pastel to soften it. It's still my clumsy style though. One pair of sandals was given to me but I don't wear them, one is anybody's flip-flops, one is Peceli's sandals which I sometimes wear though they are rather large!

When I bought some flip-flops at a Newcomb op shop I told the guy why I wanted them and he said - one man was walking along a city street and met a man wearing one shoe, so he said, 'I notice you've lost a shoe.' The one-shoe man replied, 'No. I've found one.'

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