Monday, March 10, 2008

The sketchbook is out, the pencils sharpened but

from w.
the neighbours have knocked on the door to say the bulldozer is knocking down the ivy, the fence, and our trees on the fenceline have to be chopped back. It's about 3 p.m. So lucky Peceli didn't go to golf today. He's out there now with a chainsaw massacring some of our trees to be flush with the 'line' and chopping at a fence - attached to our house - to the fence in common. I put drinks out on the verandah table for them all and now I can post Peceli's photographs taken at the Geelong Botanical Gardens of the selloum trees although I can't yet do the neat, meticulous botanical drawings that I intended to do today!

(later: I had a go at a pencil sketch and a pen sketch - still not botanical in style with details though. I will try and paint one later. I used the photos to help with the shade and light, etc.)

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Blogger karlajean said...

oooh, poor trees getting chopped!
I love these pictures from botanical are inspiring me to sketch more, you know. I am finding I am in a block when I approach the clay, so I think that drawing is going to help those creative juices flow again.
I love the idea of worship and tea!

6:22 AM  

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