Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Confessions at a Church near Drysdale

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Down past Drysdale on a road amidst wineries is a little white church, once Uniting, now a cafe. They call it Confessions at a Church and the owners have done up the buildings beautifully. Polished floors, large windows overlooking the fields. Nice ambience with paintings around. Friendly staff. Highly recommended. Peceli and I had coffee there a couple of weeks ago after noticing the sign on the main Portarlington Road and we guessed it was the church where a couple of friends were married a few years ago. I did one sketch and Peceli took a couple of pictures, and as usual I messed around with the originals. Click to enlarge pics.

I asked the owner why he chose the name 'Confessions' and he said, well friends meeting in cafes often produce lots of intimate talk, that's why. Okay?

Now, my confession. If you start with a crude drawing and try to fix it with more and more colour, it just ain't gonna fix it!

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