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I discovered the name of the strange plant by googling 'aerial roots' in images and racked it down as a kind of philodendron so it's a relative of a plant I have near the back door with holes in the leaves! I also found an interesting website of photographs of leaves.

And about the Philodendron selloum (Split Leaf Philodendron)
Family - Araceae
Genus - Philodendron
Species - selloum
P. selloum is a climbing plant that has long aerial roots that grow from the stem. They have dark green leaves that are deeply lobed and finger-like and branch off in all directions from the stem. They can grow as large as three meters and their leaves can grow up to 2 feet long. Under good conditions their leaves bear little white flowers that resemble Calla Lilies. The split leaf philodendron is a tropical mesic plant that originated in South Brazil. They grow wild in tropical America and the West Indies and can be found growing outside as north as Phoenix, Arizona. They can also grow in homes and greenhouses.
Peceli took some photos at the local Botanical Gardens of this strange plant and I'll post them when I can, then get back into drawing and painting the tree with the correct shapes and colours. And the trunk is not orange or yellow - it's mainly white!



Blogger Penny said...

It also grows in the shade in my garden and makes a glorious looking collection of green leaves under my Norfolk island cow itch tree, cant remember its correct name, seems to survive frosts and dry but does like shade.
Any way it hasnt died yet. I think we get a change but Adelaide will still be hot. We need rain and buckets of it.

5:07 PM  
Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Penny,
It would be fun to have exotic plants and trees in the garden, but at present the grass is almost dust, and the plants look awful. The leaves on the citrus trees are all curled up. We are still on only 2 hours watering a week.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Karen Winters said...

We have this plant as an indoor plant in California - split leaf philodendron, yes! It's beautiful and I like your sketches of it too

10:08 AM  

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