Monday, February 11, 2008

There's a bear up there

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And I'm still drawing gum-trees and they are cut off a bit, but at least the doped out animals have plenty of eucalyptus leaves to feed upon. Last night Peceli's Rotary club members had a picnic at Jirrahlinga in Barwon Heads and I, like a 'good wife' of a Rotarian, tagged along. It was a pleasant evening, with a stroll around to see the koalas, the snakes (ugh!) wombats, wallabies, dingoes, foxes, cockatoos, peacocks and other creatures brought to this animal refuge for shelter. They had two baby wombats whose mothers had been runover.

I sketched the almost sleeping koalas, and might do something about colour later on. My drawing of a wombat isn't crash hot as it looks more like a fat cat!

Anyway the Rotary meeting was rather interrupted by screeching cockatoos every time someone clapped, until the main Jirrahlinga woman quietly said 'go to your naughty corner' and the noisiest white cocky just slunk into his sleeping corner! I sat near a cage of ducks that quacked like a foghorn periodically. An intersting night it was! I couldn't really hear the speeches well but the gist of it seemed to be that Jirrahlinga is a place for therapy for people with mental problems or drug problems who find the place calming.

The wildlife sanctuary website is here.

(later: I added pastels but am not happy about the pictures.)

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OpenID janabouc said...

Ahhhhh. These are such wonderful drawings and your stories of life there is just so intriguing and so very different from life here. I always enjoy a visit to your blog! I'd never seen a wombat before and had no idea what they looked like. Are they friendly?

11:46 PM  

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