Sunday, January 27, 2008

Air Pacific was very kind to Peceli

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We went to Tullamarine airport last night to pick up Peceli after his nearly four weeks in Fiji. First though we watched the tennis finals on TV for two sets, listened to the next set on the radio as we drove up to Melbourne and then I watched the last disappointing moments on the TV at the Arrivals (a huddle of watchers with me, neglecting to look out for our loved ones as we barracked for Tsonga, but also he did not win.) Peceli arrived all smiles as he had travelled very well with Air Pacific on the Island of Taveuni plane. Before leaving someone had called out his name, and upgraded him to Business Class! Who? He doesn't know who or why. It's not as if he is a millionaire or something. It was funny because one Geelong millionaire and his family were seated in sheep-class down the back of economy, a guy who owns an island resort near Nadi!

Anyway today is supposed to be a rest day, but Peceli had to make an urgent pastoral call to a patient in the hospital. And now the phone has been playing 'I wish you a merry christmas' all day, people visiting us, and more will be arriving soon for kava, and there's an invitation for tonight somewhere! Anyway Peceli can write his own comments - when he has time!



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