Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A grey day for two eucalypts

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Because our neighbour is pulling down his wooden cottage in order to build four units, he has requested that our two tall gum trees be cut down. The reason is that branches may fall - one tree is dying though the other is fully alive, and also the roots apparently probably extend halfway across under his back yard. I like my tall trees - they hover over the little two-room bungalow but I can see his point of view. He is paying for the cost and also for a new fence - 220 feet of it. Friday morning is D day for the trees, 7.30 a.m. so I had better hurry up and do some drawings of the two trees before then! The plan is for the branches and trunk to be cut and fall on his back yard, not on my little bungalow, Hills hoist, or Junior's lettuce garden!
(posted later - Thursday. Added colour this time. I was out in the garden, hanging out the clothes - and heard so much bird chatter in the two trees. Sobosobo. It will be quieter tomorrow afternoon!)

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