Sunday, December 30, 2007

Making apricot jam

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This afternoon we made jam! The tree which didn't look promising eventually came good and produced lovely fruit. The birds got some so we had to hurry. Sold some at the front gate. Stewed some and put in the freezer. Today we decided to make jam.

Recipe: well, something like this -
1 kilo of sugar
two large plastic bowls of apricots cut into quarters after discarding stones - maybe 1 kilo
1 lemon - juiced
teaspoon, more or less - of grated fresh ginger.
No water - apart from the fruit being washed.
In a large pot cook steadily until it darkens and softens. Test that it sets.
Fill jars when a bit cooler.

Then make pancakes, whip up cream (which didn't whip up - they must do something to cream in the process) and have pancakes, jam and cream at 6 p.m. Very nice jam, says the five-year-old grand-daughter. A diplomat in the making. Yes, it turned out well and we can taste the ginger too.



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