Monday, December 10, 2007

starting to decorate for Christmas

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While waiting for two of Peceli's friends to arrive with a new lounge suite - yes, a lovely gift - I drew a small bit of the lounge room decorations - a vase with bouganvillea and lavender and so on. I rescued the lavender and put three lots throughout the house after Peceli had trimmed the bushes very enthusiastically!

(later) I coloured the pic to place here - just before we went out to visit a friend who has a little kava party every Tuesday night after 5 p.m. I don't drink it much, so I just yarned with Joe's wife Nineta. Then we stayed on for dinner as our friend Joe Peppino Cordone was 75 today. Nineta made a delicious pasta dinner with ricotto cheese, spinach, eggs, and a tomato based sauce, then chicken and baked vegetables, then Italian cake and coffee or camomile tea. There were lots of stories as their daughter and son in law and two little boys were there, and the kids later decorated a splendid Christmas tree.

It was really a lovely day - after the anxiety about family waiting at Nadi for a day and a half for their flight to Australia which has at last arrived this evening at Brisbane.

(later) I looked up Cannelloni and only seemed to find recipes that included frozen foods and supermarket stuff. Nineta made her own pasta and everything was real and fresh. This is what cannelloni looks like though.



Blogger The Moody Minstrel said...

I love the colorful picture!

Is it that time of year already? Arrrgggh...

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