Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas trip to Sorrento

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The ferry ride to Sorrento from Queenscliff takes about 40 minutes and we decided a picnic would be a good way to spend the afternoon instead of just lazing about after too much food. Actually we had a healthy, delicious lunch of prawns, kododa (raw fish in coconut crea) a Japanese style of salmon, etc. All prepared by my daughter-in-law visiting from Fiji. Anyway I did some sketches - very hurried and scribbly - as we neared Portsea and Sorrento. Other pictures are on the babasiga blog. After our picnic we walked uphill to stroll through the near-empty main street of Sorrento which is just so neat with wide verandahs on the shops, and mainly places to dine, real estate and shoe shops. A bathing box might sell for $120,000 and a house for half a million. It is a tourist town, or place for retirement or holiday houses for Melbourne's tired city workers I think.



Blogger Penny said...

Great sketches, John and I must do that trip again, I love it.

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