Monday, December 17, 2007

at the garden gate

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An awful racket out the front drew out attention to a strange sight. Beyond the garden gate in a cloud of dust was a huge digger wrecking the lawn Peceli had mowed a few days ago. What were they doing? There were four trucks lined up in the street. This morning the power went out on the computer/washing machine/electric kettle so Peceli went to the hardware store and purchased a $2 wire to fix the fuse and then it worked.

Well, someone suggested that Peceli's home handyman fixing had caused chaos with the electricity in the street! I don't think so. They were just upgrading and digging huge holes to put in new pipes etc. Anyway I drew the digger and our untidy front fence. As they had blocked in our car when we want to go out and buy a Christmas tree and coconut cream to go with the fine fish we bought today, we will just have to wait a bit longer. Lucky though this is Geelong and not Suva where such a situation would mean disruption for weeks!

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