Thursday, December 13, 2007

A local history book

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One of the TAFE writing students had a proposal to write a local history book for children, had gathered a pile of material and asked me to rewrite/edit etc. but there were no funds so the project lapsed. Anyway, someone else now has beaten us to the task - a history teacher at Kardinia International School who realized there were barely any local history books. Info about this newly launched book is on their website.

)from their website) Tom Spurling and Geoff Peel have commissioned and collected a unique range of historical and contemporary pieces of Geelong writing. Contributors include well-known writers, poets and historians - from Matthew Flinders title piece of 1802 to several works written especially for this publication. The table of contents shows the breadth of the writing:
Introduction - Tom Spurling
The View from Station Peak -Matthew Flinders 11
Swan Bay Road & Curves - Brendan Ryan 14
Helen Garner - Paul Mitchell 17
The Fortunes of Richard Mahony - Henry Handel Richardson 23
The Red Hots - Robert Williams 33
Geelong v Norwood - John Harms 51
The Irish In Geelong - James Francis Hogan 57
The Flowers - Rudyard Kipling 64
Fyansford - Ruth Fluhr 68
Curiosity - David Astle 79
The Estuary Bed - Peter Davis 83
Huntin’, Shootin’ & Fishin’ - Roy Hay and Marnie Haig-Muir 85
Amusing and Stimulating Small Minds - Gideon Haigh 101
Immigration waves - Geoff Peel 107
The Ghost of Fairy Dell - Dulcie Stone 115
The Wild White Man - Marcus Clarke 121
The Way - Etchings by Joel Wolter 135
Eastern Beach - Peter Gebhardt 145
The Belmont Worm - Joshua Wright 146
Frontier Feuds & Fakes: Why Not Geelong - Nathan Lambert 153
Lara - Ania Walwicz 166
Family & Memories - Sebastian Clark 169

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