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A story of three dragons

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(story adapted from article in “Multicultural Victoria 2007)

A story of three dragons

The Chinese community are a significant group in Australian society and at least twice a year there have been parades in Melbourne and other provincial towns in Victoria which included a great dragon, from as early as 1867 with dancing lions, firecrackers and musicians. Sun Loong was imported from China in the 1950s and paraded for over twenty years at Moomba Parade in March.

When a new dragon was needed, some representatives from Melbourne’s Chinese community visited Foshan, the traditional centre of dragon making of Guangdong Province, China, but most people had forgotten how to make dragons. Not since 1949 had a dragon been made. Anyway the Arts and Crafts Institute agreed to help and samples from Sue Loong’s scale were sent to China, and over four months a hundred men and women created a new dragon to be paraded at Moomba in 1979.

As a result the Melbourne Dai Loong Association became responsible for revitalising the age-old art of dragon making in China with processional dragons being made for China as well as other places in Asia, America and Europe.

Later in 2003 the third dragon was created, the largest processional dragon in the world. The picture here is of the Millenium Dragon.

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Blogger Penny said...

Wendy what an interesting story, I love dragons and have several on plates and cups but this just goes to show what people from different cultures can do to help others.

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