Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A passion for textile art - Annemieke

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Our youngest son says we need to find our passion in life - whether it's athletics, art, music, a vocation, or trees or whatever. Well, I'm writing about a woman who migrated from Holland to Australia and settled in Sale and her passion for textile art has made her famous.

I have to take a library book back this morning or else I’ll be fined! It is ‘The Art orf Annemieke Mein: Wildlife Artist in Textiles.’ The story and pictures are fabulous as her textile art is so detailed and extraordinary involving much patience and imaginative use of thread and fabrics.

Annemieke settled in Gippsland in the town of Sale. From 1977 she started creating amazing textile works of art, mainly using her observations of the tiny creatures in the natural world, frogs, birds, insects, butterflies. One example of her work is pictured here of a Pink Emperor Gum Moth sculpture – the leaves and stones are real but the sculpture is made with millinery wire, coloured threads, silk organza, rabbit fur, emu feathers. It is exhibited at the Ararat Gallery. Here’s some info about her book and story.



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