Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Geelong Interfaith group and Peace table at Pako

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Jenny Funstan organized a Peace table at the Pako Festa and because the theme was about colour she dressed as a parrot. Adults and children were invited to write peace messages as part of the Geelong Interfaith presence at the Pako Festa last Saturday.

Yesterday I went to the Geelong Interfaith Women's group. The guest speaker was Joy Williams who told us of the life-changing experience of living in an Indian village many years ago. Her husband was the only doctor for about 350,000 people in an area south of Gujerat. Going back was a surprise as today there are many good facilities in the hospital and area. Joy showed us how to dress up in a sari, aided by an enthusiastic Usha.
One of our ladies was bursting with excitement to show us photos of her son's wedding in Pakistan recently. All arranged in six days! Now the young bride has to wait many months for her visa to migrate to Australia and that means lots of paperwork!
So the fifteen or so of us had a good time together yesterday morning.



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