Sunday, November 05, 2006

Anyone seen the movie No. 2?

One of the Fijian women in our little cultural group recommended the new Kiwi film No. 2 and said, 'Hey Wendy you would love it!' About a Fijian grandmother in Auckland though the actress wasn't a Fijian woman. She is a bit slender for a bubu (grandma) I think! So I hope to go later today or sometime tomorrow - perhaps avoid the big horse race in the afternoon!!!

Found two bits about it.

No. 2
Starring: Mia Blake, Ruby Dee, Taungaroa Emile
Local Distributors: Buena Vista International (Australia)
The story of a mischievous matriarch and her dynamic mixed race Fijian-New Zealand family. One hot summer night, Nanna Maria dreams of her childhood in Fiji. She summons her grandchildren home and demands they prepare a feast at which she will name her successor. Set in the vibrant, unpredictable and physically expressive world where duty and celebration are the purest expressions of love, "Number 2" is a universal story about the unique Pacific culture.

From New York Times
No. 2 2005-New Zealand-Drama, Comedy

A spirited older woman decides to bring her quarrelsome family together for a party in this comedy drama from New Zealand playwright-turned-filmmaker Toa Fraser. Eightysomething Nana Maria (Ruby Dee) was born in Fiji, but has spent most of her life in New Zealand, where she lives in a run-down but beautiful house on Mount Raskil with her fully grown granddaughter Charlene (Mia Blake, Charlene's young daughter, and Erasmus (Rene Naufahu), another adult grandchild who has a drinking problem. One morning, Nama Maria wakes up early and decides the family shall gather for a celebratory feast, complete with a roast pig. However, Charlene and Erasmus understand just how tall an order this is -- Nana has two sons, Percy (Pio Terei) and John (Nathaniel Lees), who can't stand one another and barely tolerate their other relations, while grandson Tyson (Xavier Horan) has made a name for himself in business and would rather spend time with his girlfriend from Holland than see his uncles. But somehow Nana Maria's children, grandchildren, and even some great-grandchildren are rounded up for the occasion, some lured by her promise that she will announce who will inherit her estate after she's gone. No. 2 received its North American premiere at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

edited Wednesday Nov 8th

Well, we saw the horse race then went to the movies at Readings. It was a delightful family kind of film, funny, sad, occasionally dramatic. The main actor, though not a Fijian woman, was credible as the bubu(grandmother). Of course the various family members didn't look too Fijian to me - Maori, Samoan, and others, but the story of a Part-European family originally from Levuka had all the elements of the migrant situation, the loss of language and customs, and the homesickness of the old woman. There was a pig to be slaughtered and roasted on a spit - but not a lovo. Sai Levuka Ga - the song, came in and out of the story-line. A nice touch. We sang along quietly - we were the only ones in the theatre (after all it was Melbourne Cup afternoon!).


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