Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More kids' stuff - Geelong Play Space

from Wendy
Here is more kids' stuff - the Geelong Play Space. I was only told about this place at the weekend and had a look this morning. It's located not far from the entrance to the Geelong Botanical Gardens.

My Fiji grandchildren would surely love this place with its scramble wall, swings, sandpit, stepping-stones, press button timeflow water source, sundial, pioneer cottage ruin, boat, sheep, ocean and pirate sounds, bamboo tunnel, spinning toys, magic mirror.

I wish more adults could think of the children and the future when they carry on with their egos and politicking!

The Geelong Play Space has been designed for children of various abilities and incorporates gardens with built environments, each section telling some stories about the history of our land.

This morning there were bus loads of children and mums and some dads who had come all the way from Ballarat to this Play Space.


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