Saturday, September 19, 2015

Anakie "Fairy Park after dark

Someone had the initiative to spend a night out at Anakie at the Fairy Park to see if there were ghosts and scary things.
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But I think what's scarier is a huge silver Christmas tree stalking down Yarra Street to eat up the cars!


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Stormy council:
Geelong council: Mayor Darryn Lyons walked out before secret vote on tree

The floating Christmas tree will cost extra this year.
GEELONG mayor Darryn Lyons walked out of a secret council meeting to determine the future of the floating Christmas tree just as councillors were about to vote on it, newly released council documents show.

The minutes of the confidential meeting show Cr Lyons left just as a nine-part motion on how to deal with the termination of a contract with the tree’s creator Creative Production Services was about to be put to his fellow councillors.

The council had to decide what to do with the tree after its contract with CPS, which had been expected to cost $135,000 a year, broke down after just 12 months.

To pay for the anticipated extra costs, Cr Lyons’ deputy Michelle Heagney moved an amendment reallocating funds earmarked for a Christmas lights launch towards installation of the tree.

It was later revealed the council moved $105,000 budgeted for Christmas lights launch and public events, and has since added a further $90,000 to make the total cost for installing and dismantling the 25m tree this year to $330,000.

Cr Michelle Heagney reallocated funds.
Cr Michelle Heagney reallocated funds.
The minutes show Cr Heagney’s amendment authorises council officers to make arrangements to install the tree for this Christmas only.

An initial suggestion to prepare tender documents for future years was removed under Cr Heagney’s amendment.

The council last week agreed, in a move also instigated by Cr Heagney, to release the minutes of the August 11 in camera meeting.

They show councillors Eddy Kontelj and Ron Nelson voted against the nine-part Christmas tree motion, while councillors Heagney, Bruce Harwood, Lindsay Ellis, Kylie Fisher, Rob Macdonald, Andy Richards and Jan Farrell were in favour.

No vote was recorded for Cr Lyons with the minutes noting Cr Heagney assumed the chair when Cr Lyons departed at 9.18pm.

Cr Lyons told the Geelong Advertiser earlier this month that he “stormed out of the meeting because in my opinion it was a situation where the mayor was being played”.

At its council meeting last week, it was revealed that the council is talking to lawyers about the possibility of pursuing CPS for its additional costs, a move also mentioned in the August 11 confidential meeting.

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