Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Geelong welcomes refugees

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Geelong has upheld the view that migration to Australia is good and also that we welcome refugees to our city. Diversitat - formerly Geelong Migrant Resource Centre has been active for many years in assisting re-settlement.

Edtorial from Geelong Advertiser:

THIS city has a proud history of welcoming those from other countries.
From the gold rush of the 1850s through the aftermath of World War II, the Cold War and over decades of global conflict, this city has opened its arms to people seeking a better life.
We have become home for migrants from so many countries, and each of these citizens has made Geelong a better place by making their homes here.
They have infinitely enriched the quality of life here, giving us the best of their countries as they became citizens of ours.
Now it is time again to open our arms to those from another country.
It is time for us to open our arms to those fleeing the awful war in Syria.
As all of us know there is a crisis happening in the Middle East. A nation is being displaced. Good people are being forced to walk away from their country to save their own lives.
Every day we are faced with the images of death and profound desperation as a nation is dismantled before our eyes and hundreds of thousands of people are displaced from their homes.
There is little we can do to stop what is happening in Syria. But there is something we can do to make a difference.
Today our community leaders are telling the Federal Government that Geelong has the infrastructure and support services needed to immediately accommodate scores of displaced refugees.
But, most importantly, we also have the heart.
We as a city can open up our arms and welcome some of these desperate people to our city.
We can give them the same opportunity we have given migrants for more than a century.
We can give them a chance.
And today we are saying as a city let’s open our doors to these poor souls.
It is the right thing to do.

Geelong leaders join refugees that have settled in the city in sending a welcome message.


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