Friday, August 14, 2015

Sladen House Geelong

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Newtown - Chilwell end -

 has many old buildings, some termed as mansions and have a chequered history as a home, connections with a woollen mill next door, a reception centre, a historical walk site.  I did some sketces there a few years ago, and a couple of days ago revisited the place and took photos.  It's at the bottom of Pakington Street is Sladen House, above the Barwon River. It was built between 1849 and 1850 for the solicitor and later Victorian Premier Charles Sladen. Substantial renovations were undertaken in 1863. The style of the house is Victorian Italianate and like Barwon Bank it is built in basalt.  Sladen House was demolished in 1940 for its materials but then rebuilt according to its original detail at a later date.  Sladen House is opposite the old RSL Woollen Mill which now has varous clients including an art gallery - Boom Gallery - at the back.  In the 80s this place was leased by Deakin University for the art department where I enjoyed painting and drawing for several years. Nearby is a walking track that leads to the Barwon River.


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