Thursday, August 14, 2014

In Geelong

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We in Geelong are fortunate to live in a community that is inclusive and there is respect for different religious views. Also we can thank Diversitat - Migrant Resource Centre - for over the years promoting good will and care for one another. Many of us are appalled at the chaos and hatred in some parts of the world and praise peacemakers who risk their lives attempting to heal the rifts.

Geelong religious groups call for peace in Gaza

Life in Gaza moves on, 72-hour truce holds
..THE Islamic Society of Geelong and Geelong Interfaith Network have condemned fighting and suffering in Gaza and called for peace talks.
Network deputy chair Rev Peter Martin said while people of all faiths were suffering, it was particularly affecting the Muslim community.He said everyone had a right to live in peace, dignity and harmony and children needed to be protected.
The network called for a “speedy re-establishment of the dialogue of peace”.

In a statement the Islamic Society said it stood with the families of the victims.“In this difficult time we also ask all the communities to stay calm and peaceful and promote tolerance, love and coexistence among each other,” the statement said.“Islamic Society of Geelong wishes the restoration of peace, reconsolidation and dialogue among all the parties of the conflict. All religions and faiths of the world teach and preach peace, tolerance and understanding.”


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