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Mayor has stupid ideas at times

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What a waste of money it would be to spend $2 million dollars on tizzy decorations for Geelong at Christmas. I just wonder if our mayor 'gets' what Christmas is really about.  It's about simplicity, family, God and humanity. Spend money on people, neighbourhood street parties, programs that enrich our lives, not trivia and glitz. One idea though of lighting up buildings with colour is okay - aka Melbourne's 'white night'  from Geelong Adviertiser:
MAYOR Darryn Lyons is pushing ahead with a grand plan to spend $2 million on Geelong’s Christmas decorations this year despite promising a tight budget.The centrepiece of the mayor’s vision is an “iconic” tree — either located on a floating pontoon in Corio Bay or standing in the city centre — to rival festive landmarks in the world’s biggest cities.But some of the 12 councillors are said to be concerned about the cost; more than eight times what was spent last year.At tomorrow/Tuesday night’s meeting they will be asked to make $40,000 available to pay consultants to design, draw and detail the Christmas In Geelong plan.The report they vote on makes no mention of the $2 million figure, saying only that expenditure will be considered as part of this year’s budget. However, a number of sources have confirmed that is how much the mayor has already indicated he would need for his proposal.Despite more than doubling its spending on Christmas decorations last year — up from $53,000 in 2012-13 to almost $127,000 2013-14, with up to $100,000 spent each year on putting them up and taking them down — Cr Lyons, newly elected, was scathing of the city’s festive spirit last December.
 - Ideas:
Either a “glittering crystal Christmas tree suspended on a pontoon on Corio
Bay, reflecting the dazzling sunlight and sparkling waters or
A large scale land based Christmas tree installation that would capture and entertain
the community”.
Catenary — suspended lighting and decorations
“The catenary system can be suspended via wall-mounted brackets mounted on a
number of buildings fronting onto Geelong’s main streets”.
Central Geelong tree-lighting
“Lighting can provide a celebratory ambience to the City in the evenings. The lighting of
iconic trees around Geelong would present quite a spectacle during the Christmas
“Projections differ from standard lighting in that it can totally change the form of the
building using graphics and text.”

$2m on Christmas decor must be 'a joke'

Meals program coordinator Col Hastings does not approve of the mayor's $2 million Christm
Meals program coordinator Col Hastings does not approve of the mayor's $2 million Christmas cash splash. Source: News Limited
COL Hastings meets the front line in Geelong hunger and homelessness every day and can't believe his city council is considering spending $2 million on Christmas decorations.
The long-serving Christ Church meals program convener said he's no Scrooge and doesn't mind festive season decorations.
"But two million, it must be a joke," he said.
"In a time when more and more families are doing it tough. If money is so plentiful and available how about tossing some to those groups who work to assist the community and have to do their own fund raising."
Mr Hastings said he was amazed when he read of the plans being flagged by Mayor Darryn Lyons.
"And $40,000 for a consultant to tell them what to get ... they could probably give us $40,000 and I'll give them some advice," Mr Hastings said.
He stressed the thoughts were his own and not on behalf of the charity.
Program volunteers serve about 600 meals a week, after a 72 per cent increase in demand for evening meals during the past four years, and the program also offers an allied medical service.
"I have spent many years working on various community projects in Geelong and always thought our city leaders, even if they never show any interest, really deep down appreciate what we as volunteers do," Mr Hastings said.
"The Christ Church community meals program, a leader within its field within Australia, has never received a cent from the City of Geelong, which I do not understand as the people we look after through our meals program and medical centre are the council's citizens."


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