Saturday, December 07, 2013

The custom of 'passing the peace'

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Now about that 'passing the peace' that's become a customary part of our Sunday church gathering at East Geelong. Some people are shy, some are enthusiastic, hugs, an Indian namaste, a wet kiss on the mouth. Anything goes! Our preacher this morning talked to the kids about how we got the right handshake - enemies put down their swords and shields and offered their right hands - (sword hand). Then I asked him, What about the mollydukers? He said they are an interesting lot. Hands up lefthanders? There were seven of us - one tenth of the people. Okay. so when we followed this with 'passing the peace' there was a bit of chaos as we all did our own things about greeting! Left left, right right, left right, hugs. double-handed to greet a woman recovering from surgery. No kiwi nose bump (though there were NZ visitors present) or sniff kisses from old Fijian ladies.


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