Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My question answered by the Uniting Church - sort of

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This was published today on the Uniting Our Future Ask us a question website. Not the pictures - just words! I think their answer is rather convoluted. The pipe organ is in the St Kilda church which is listed for sale.

  • What happens to moveable items in a church when it is sold - such as the piano, the drum kit, the hymn books? The kitchen utensils, catering equipment? I presume the pipe organ stays put and there surely are some fine ones in the buildings to be sold.
    wendy r 21 Nov 2013, 07:45 am
    Hi Wendy, the Relocations Team is working through these issues with each impacted congregation. The answers depend on what the items are and how moveable they are, as well as whether the congregation is relocating to another premises, merging with another congregation, disbanding as a congregation. The role of the Relocations Team includes talking with each congregation – those that are moving, and those that are receiving congregations – and working out what is important to take, and what could be helpful or important in the move. The team consists of specialists in architecture, fit out, furniture and equipment, interior design, logistics and accounting. Experienced conservation photographers are diligently capturing every feature of the property, including plaques, fittings, the external face, stained glass and ceilings. The logistics people count and photograph every item that has to come out of the building. All pipe organs are noted and the team is in the process of arranging valuations.

    Project Team 27 Nov 2013, 11:06 am


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