Monday, December 02, 2013

South Geelong church property sold before auction

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I heard it at the weekend that the property on which the first Methodist church was built in Geelong, and the welfare main office of Untiing Care, has been sold before auction.  We are pleased however that a local company has bought it -  from across the road, so there will be some kind of good-will and respect which will allow the welfare to carry on for at least a year. If someone from Melbourne had bought it, we jsut wonder about that!  4 and a half million though, a lot of money. The 21 properties website - about the auction of Uniting Church properties in Melbourne suburbs and some rural towns - now has a sold notice on this property so it is not just gossip.  It will no doubt become a commercial property though  I wonder what they will do with the very old church as there is a heritage overlay no doubt.  I still feel dismay at how the head office of the Victoria Synod of the Uniting Church has treated the ordinary people of many, many of our churches. Not much grace and peace there.


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