Friday, December 06, 2013

Church dinner in East Geelong

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Last night we had an excellent social night with a delicious dinner prepared by our Tongan minister and his extended family and our church cooks. East Geelong and Leopold Uniting Church members plus about thirty especially invited guests from groups/associations/schools that are in partnership with our two churches on special projects. A lovely night of sharing with community singing, a Tongan tauluga dance by the minister's daughters, a small girl singing 'Little Drummer Boy' and our Presbytery Minister, Ann playing an electric bagpipes. One of my sons said it was really loud and hurt his ears. I answered, yes, the bagpipes is best heard over a lake behind a mountain! We also had a silent auction and during the Tongan dance some of the Pacific Islanders gave $20 notes etc. to the dancers as is the custom. I jumped in a danced too - the custom of an elderly fat woman joining in the dance!  Funds raised will go to a project in Nukualofa Tonga for women and children.


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